Feb 17

Barco Residential at ISE 2020

DZYN PNLZ a unique interior design and acoustic treatment solution, incorporating dynamic LEDs from Light Walls were a key element in the Barco Residential demo room at ISE 2020 – described by many as the best cinema experience of the entire show. All control and dynamic lighting scenes were powered... read more →
Sep 20

Barco Residential at CEDIA 2019

This unique video content reactive interior design and acoustic treatment solution were the key elements in the Barco Residential demo room at CEDIA Expo 2020, creating an unforgettable dynamic experience. Light Walls diffusive LED panels with LED foil were mounted on three walls around the room. All control and dynamic lighting scenes were powered by ProtoPixel including a new video content analysis software module to analyse... read more →
Dec 18

BARD Medical

The creative studio TIGRELAB created a set of interactive lighting objects for BARD Medical's Annual Congress in Huelva, Spain. ProtoPixel Create was used to design dynamic lighting preset for custom-made luminaries distributed in the space. Everything was then deployed and controlled using ProtoPixel Controllers and a ProtoPixel Node. The custom-made luminaries were created with... read more →
Oct 24

Residential Immersive Cinema

The ultimate Immersive Cinema Experience concept features walls and ceiling which are fully covered by Light Walls diffusive LED panels. Light Walls diffusive LED panels with LED foil are wrapped across the walls and ceiling to create total immersion in the scene. All control and dynamic lighting scenes are powered by ProtoPixel including the video content analysis module which can analyse a video stream in real time to create a matching immersive lighting scene. Credits: ProtoPixel, DZYN
Jun 06

Seat Ibiza BeatsAudio

ProtoPixel was the technology behind the interactive experience created for the presentation of the Seat Ibiza BeatsAudio in Barcelona. For the first time visitors and influencers were able to interact and control the iconic Torre Glòries with a music app integrated in the new cars. The ProtoPixel platform made possible... read more →
Sep 18

Apolo Club

Apolo, a club and concert hall of reference in the cultural scene of Barcelona, relies on the technology of ProtoPixel to renovate one of its rooms, “La (2)”. “La (2)” will now have a large-scale LED grid, almost covering the entire roof, controlled by ProtoPixel technology. The LED structure, composed... read more →